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A Momentous Occasion!

Guess what, guys!

Today, I have officially lived in my house for ten years! Holy cow, I've spent two thirds of my life in this house!

May 8th, the anniversary of our moving to Cache Valley, is a family holiday for us. We eat pancakes at IHOP, sleep out in the living room, and listen to our parents telling us the story of how we came to live here. Moving Day is definitely one of my favourite holidays. :-)

This year, Moving Day is going to look a little different thanks to quarantine. :-(

We're going to have pancakes at home... extra big ones... with eggs and sausage... and whipped cream (with dairy-free coconut milk whipped cream)... and lots of real maple syrup... it's going to be delicious!

And geez, I'm so glad I live in Cache Valley and in my awesome house with my awesome family! :-)

And for a whole decade.... wow. I'm getting old.


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Cozette on :

Congrats! That sounds like a lot of fun! My grandparents actually live in Cache Valley!

Liliana on :

They do? That's awesome!

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