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"How To Stop Worrying And Start Living:Time-Tested Methods for Conquering Worry" by Dale Carnegie

The American culture has some serious issues. We eat too much junk food, have too must stuff, and stress far too much.

Well, the cure to one of those problems is found within an amazing audiobook that I recently discovered. Titled "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living:Time-Tested Methods for Conquering Worry," it is by Dale Carnegie, author of "How To Win Friends And Influence People."

I have finished listening to disc one of nine, but it's so good and there is so much wisdom that could totally change my life if I chose to act on it! (Which, ahem, I will...:-))

For those of you interested in listening to it, you can find it here.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average

On Monday, I read this uber inspiring book called "Be Obsessed or Be Average." It's legit the coolest book I've read this year... so far ;-) (You can find it here)

Published in 2016, best selling author Grant Cardone lays out his secret to success- being obsessed. In other words, finding what gives you satisfaction and meaning, and then chasing it!

If you do decide to read it (which you totally should!), I highly recommend doing all the activities therein. It will make your experience 10x better... (get it? that's a pun... Grant Cardone also authored The 10X Rule.... ;-) which is going on my to-read list).

And you know what, it's a very liberating read! The idea that I can live with passion and totally not listen to anyone who says other wise is, while not new to me, still exciting.

I think this is one of the most important books that Gen Z's and Millennials can read. If everyone read (and applied) it, it would completely revolutionize our educational system, our families, and our culture.

Who I Really Am

My sixth grader sister recently introduced me to Who I Really Am. It's a super cool website filled with music, stories, and inspiration. It's aim is to help one discover who one really is.

They have a cool story about the journey of discovery, music about the guides of the journey of the discovery, and honestly, it's really cool. And... it's free!

I SUPER recommend it.

Best Peanut Butter Cookies EVER

It's really hard to find good healthy deserts that are still satisfying. It's even harder when you're family is dairy-free, and also trying to be processed-sugar free.

But after a lot of search, I found the most amazing, naturally sweetened, dairy free, whole wheat, peanut butter cookies EVER!

And even better, you can eat about 22 of them without feeling sick, if you use a small cookie scoop (1 tsp instead of 1tbsp). I should know; I tried it out.

You can find them at BlessThisMessPlease.

Here is a picture from the last batch I made:

Don't they look delicious?

Oh, and be sure to comment below how these cookies turned out if you decide to try them!

Benefits of Rollerblading

Stress, lack of focus, and depression are all real problems in our society.

One way that I personally combat these is by rollerblading.

Rollerblading is really good for a few reasons.

First, the act of rollerblading forces your muscles to loosen. Did you know that emotions manifest physically? So when you experience stress, anger, frustration, or almost any other negative emotion, your body tenses. Rollerblading forces your body to loosen up, because if you don't loosen your shoulders, let your arms move, and lean forward, you're going to fall over.

Second, when you rollerblade, your arms swing around to help you stay balanced. They tend to cross over the centre of your body. This crossing the centre of your body actually is connecting the two sides of your brain, which helps you to focus and learn effectively.

Third, rollerblading is physical exercise. Physical exercise can help protect you from heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and more. But it also does something else. When you exercise and work up a sweat, your adrenaline gets going. The result is a natural "high" where you just feel so good.

So yeah, rollerblading is awesome! I like to rollerblade before my classes start, and sometimes in between them as well, if I have four or so in a row (I go to a blended learning charter school, so I have most of my classes online and at home). It really helps me stay upbeat and efficient doing hard school days.

~this article is not intended to be a cure for mental illnesses but the advice herein can be used as a supplement to other stuff~

Family History

So today's post is just really quick, but here it is. Hope you enjoy it :-)

Family history is one of the coolest things ever.

Before you disagree, allow me to define it: family history means connecting to your family, both past and present.

The methods for doing this are various; spending time with family, getting to know your great-grandparents and/or your grandparents; researching information about past ancestors (AKA traditional family history); learning about the nations and cultures that your ancestors came from; keeping a journal; reading ancestor's journals; and so many more.

Family history is my favourite Sunday activity. It helps me feel like I'm part of something, like I belong somewhere and came from somewhere. It's just cool!

If you're ever bored in this corona world (or even after everything goes back to normal), you should try family history.


Many people don't care about what is going on in the world today, and if they do care, they don't understand. And if they do understand, they probably aren't sure how to go about influencing what is happening today.

That needs to change if America's freedom is going to be restored.

My name is Liliana. I've been homeschooled up until 9th grade, and now I'm going to Leadership Academy of Utah.

I am passionate about many things, some of which include current events, the United States Constitution, good books, designing and sewing clothes for me and my 18" doll, debate, and having a clean room.

I am very excited to have this blog and be sharing anything and everything I'm interested in with you.