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Plans For My Etsy Shop, Foxtrot, Hinge Point, and Brownie Bites

Hey guys!

It's been forever since I last posted, which I'm really sad about. Today I am going to share what I've been up to lately.

Just today, I added a new listing to my shop, which you can find here. It's for faux-denim dresses with red contrast stitching, designed to fit AG or other similar 18" dolls. It's modeled by Elisabeta, and her friend Jasmine (thanks, Madeline!).

I'm planning on making a lot of spring-time clothes, from floral dresses to embroidered jumpers to skirts and blouses!

And coming soon, hopefully before the middle of March, pdf patterns! I have such fun drafting my patterns, I thought, why not sell some? They could be cheap, and since their digital, it's an instant download, meaning I don't have to ship anything.

During the in-person days at LAU, I'm taking a ballroom dance class. It's a lot of fun! So far, we have been learning the foxtrot, and now we are starting to learn east swing, AKA triple step swing.

Hinge Point
Another fun thing I've been doing is listening to Hinge Point! It's a new musical group, composed of three sisters, with fantastic voices! Their music is clean, and uplifting, and fantastic!

Brownie bites
Detoxinista has this great recipe for brownie bites. They're super health-nut-ish, but they're surprisingly good! I've probably made them six or more times in the three-ish weeks since I discovered the recipe.

Pecan Pie

So a week ago or so, I made a pecan pie. And I still haven't told you guys? I'm sorry, I'm really behind in posts. I've made three new garments, and an accessory, as well. Oh, and my Etsy shop is up. And life has been really busy, so I haven't had time to write about it.

Alright, about the pie:

I used Detoxinista's recipe for pecan pie, and it was amazing!

It's very simple, and relatively healthy! Well, for a desert.

Changes I made: I used 3/8 cups honey and 3/8 cups maple syrup instead of 3/4 cup maple syrup.

This is the pecan pie I made. I used Detoxinista's filling recipe, and a pat-a-pan piecrust recipe that my mom has.

A Norwegian Dinner

Once upon a time… in a quarantined world, there lived a very bored girl who couldn’t think of anything fun to do. In desperation, she went to her mom for ideas.

“why not make a national dinner?” she suggested (paraphrased for article).

And so the bored girl did. She chose Italy. While she was researching Italian meal plans and whatnot, she happened to be working on some family history. Then she realized that she was not descended from any Italian (that she knew of), but she was 7% Norwegian and 22% Scandinavian. So why not make a Norwegian dinner?

She got to work, research what Norwegians ate for what course, and then found some recipes. After a lot of planning, it was time to cook.

She spent what felt like the entire day in the kitchen, working on preparing her four-course meal.

But it was all worth it when she sat down and took that first bite… it was heaven.

(Photos and recipes in the next post!)

More Delicious Cookies

Greetings.... I have been off my blog for a comparatively long time, because I've been extremely busy. But we're back on schedule now!

So today I was bored silly and decided to try a new recipe.

It's a chocolate chip recipe that is processed-sugar free (assuming you use RAW honey...) and it's so good!!!!!! :-)

Because my family eats (mostly) dairy free, I made a 1-to-1 substitution of butter for coconut oil, but you don't have to.
Photo by ME
Also, as you can probably see from the photo to the side, I did not do chocolate chips. That is because 1/4 of my family is allergic to chocolate (oh horror of horrors!). :-(

I plan to use this recipe as a good base to add in anything I feel like, which I think will work really well because, other than the chocolate chips, it's a very basic recipe.

This time, for add-ins, I did 50% coconut shreds, and 50% chopped craisins.They are amazing! It also went really well with the coconut oil.

Some add-ins I'm planning on doing are: walnuts and a little extra honey; oatmeal; carob chips and craisins; dried apricot pieces; and sliced almonds.

For those of you interested in trying out the recipe, you can find it at TheCookieWriter.

Happy Mothers Day!

Yay for mothers!

Today is May 12. In other words, Mother's Day. And here in Cache Valley, it's an absolutely gorgeous day.

So here is how I have celebrated Mother's Day so far:

-I made her a card the Wednesday before
-I woke up at seven to make breakfast for her with my oldest (but still younger than me) sister.
-I said "Happy Mother's Day!"

And that's about it!

But to get a little more serious, mothers are amazing! They kiss your ouchies better, they make you breakfast, they clean your laundry... and all along, they are there with love, a smile, and a bit of fun.

Mothers are amazing. Matriarchs in their family, they lead and teach with love and compassion.

Their ability to influence others for good and nurture them can literally change the world -for better or for worse. Motherhood is power!

So hooray for mothers! And don't forget to tell them thanks for all they do, not just today but every day.

How To Get Your Parents To Let You Use The Kitchen

So you have that recipe you want to try out... but then comes the problem of getting permission to use the kitchen.

Well no fear, permission is easy to get if you follow these simple steps:

1- Orchestrate your kitchen use with your parents. In other words, double check that it's okay to use the kitchen.
2- Okay the recipe you're planning on making with your parents.
3- Make sure the recipe you want to make follows all necessary dietary restrictions.
4- Wash the counters you are planning on using before you use them.
5- Make sure the kitchen is clean enough to cook in before you begin.
6- Put ingredients back away as you finish using them.
7- Use minimal dishes for cooking.
8- Keep your mess confined.
9- Don't monopolize the kitchen.
10- Clean up all your mess when you're done. Wash the dishes you've used; wipe down the counters; put everything back away; make the kitchen better than it was when you first started cooking. A great time to do this is while the food is in the oven or on the stove or cooling.
11- Share what you make! Don't monopolize all the goodies.

Getting permission to use the kitchen may not come over night, but if you cook responsibly, it will come. Good luck!

Best Peanut Butter Cookies EVER

It's really hard to find good healthy deserts that are still satisfying. It's even harder when you're family is dairy-free, and also trying to be processed-sugar free.

But after a lot of search, I found the most amazing, naturally sweetened, dairy free, whole wheat, peanut butter cookies EVER!

And even better, you can eat about 22 of them without feeling sick, if you use a small cookie scoop (1 tsp instead of 1tbsp). I should know; I tried it out.

You can find them at BlessThisMessPlease.

Here is a picture from the last batch I made:

Don't they look delicious?

Oh, and be sure to comment below how these cookies turned out if you decide to try them!

Blueberry Pie

Tuesday afternoon, I made a blueberry pie all by myself. It was my first time doing the recipe too... I'm so proud of myself! :-)
It was delicious...

I accidentally baked it for just a little too long though so the crust that was sticking out got a little burned but the actual pie was fine.

I had been going to take a picture for you guys, but I forgot and we ate the whole thing at breakfast with coconut vanilla ice-cream. Yummm...

So you don't get a picture. *cry*

But guess what, this might be a good excuse to make another pie... :-)


Many people don't care about what is going on in the world today, and if they do care, they don't understand. And if they do understand, they probably aren't sure how to go about influencing what is happening today.

That needs to change if America's freedom is going to be restored.

My name is Liliana. I've been homeschooled up until 9th grade, and now I'm going to Leadership Academy of Utah.

I am passionate about many things, some of which include current events, the United States Constitution, good books, designing and sewing clothes for me and my 18" doll, debate, and having a clean room.

I am very excited to have this blog and be sharing anything and everything I'm interested in with you.