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What I Did Yesterday

So yesterday, despite this being the week before finals, I decided to binge-sew and make a lot of doll clothes.

It was so fun... and super satisfying because when you are making doll clothes, you can finish them in 15-70 minutes. So much quicker than sewing clothes for myself!


elisabeta 2

I also made four shirts for my sister's dolls, Abby and Mia. Oh, and a skirt. But I already gave them to her so you don't get a picture. Next time I sew stuff, I'll make sure to take pictures before I give it away.

Designing, Drafting Patterns For, And Sewing Two 1950's Outfits

My charter school requires four leadership credits for graduation. So I've been taking leadership... and really enjoying it. It's been transformational. Now you might be wondering what on earth this has to do with the title of this entry. Well, in the leadership courses, students are required to use the Best Self Journal, which has one set and the achieve 1-3 big goals over the course of thirteen weeks.

For one of my goals (I set two), I decided to design, draft patterns for, and sew two 1950's outfits.

The first step was, of course, finding inspiration. VintageDancer was HUGELY helpful with this. Great historical articles, and images. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in fashion from the 1900s to the 1970s.

So after I gathered all my inspiration (and spend way too much time on the computer), I analyzed my 'data' and figured out WHY I liked each dress/outfit.

After I did that, I sketched a lot of ideas... picked my favourite three (a blouse, a skirt, and a dress), and started drafting patterns.

This was my first time drafting a pattern for a piece of clothing made from woven material (other than my doll...) and so I had a lot of struggles there.

But I finally got the patterns right... went shopping for fabric and other sewing 'notions' (going to JoAnn was the weirdest thing ever thanks to CoViD19 :-( ). The trip was actually pretty stressful... but it went well.

Then I started sewing! Inserting the invisible zipper was a new skill for me, so that was super stressful, but it went well!

Oh, and then I made matching scarves, because in the 1950s, everything a women wore had to match perfectly... dress, shoes, gloves, belt, scarf, underwear... all of it.

And then I got to wear them! And here are some picture of me... because I'm cute ;-) and I'm so proud of the two outfits...

Photo by my Mom

Photo by my Mom

Photo by my Mom

Photo by my Mom

Meet My Doll, Elisabeta

Hey guys,

I want to introduce my lovely doll to you! Yes, I am a teenager. But who cares about that… here on my blog, I get to create the rules. So now it’s cool to have a doll when you’re almost fifteen. YAY!!!

Her name is Elisabeta Margaret and her birthday is October 22, because I got her on October 22, 2016. She is an American Girl Doll Truly Me. I had to pay for her with my own money so it took me over a year to get the $100+ needed. She’s a very prized procession. :-)

She likes reading and fashion and reading and hanging out with friends and more reading. Hmm... that's sounding kinda like me... ;-)

Here is a picture of her:


Guess what, I sewed those pants and crocheted her shirt. They both turned out very nicely, in my opinion. :-)

And another picture of her (and yes, I made this outfit as well):

Isn’t she darling?


Many people don't care about what is going on in the world today, and if they do care, they don't understand. And if they do understand, they probably aren't sure how to go about influencing what is happening today.

That needs to change if America's freedom is going to be restored.

My name is Liliana. I've been homeschooled up until 9th grade, and now I'm going to Leadership Academy of Utah.

I am passionate about many things, some of which include current events, the United States Constitution, good books, designing and sewing clothes for me and my 18" doll, debate, and having a clean room.

I am very excited to have this blog and be sharing anything and everything I'm interested in with you.