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Summer Top #1

So like I have said before, thanks to quarantine, I do not have very many summer clothes and am in dire need of shorts and short-sleeved tops.

And also like I have said before, I decided to make some short-sleeved tops because I'm sick of waiting for quarantine to end. Also, it'll be something fun to do.

Well, guess what... the first one is done! I am so proud of it!

I had this gorgeous fabric that I'd been holding onto for forever, just waiting for that perfect project... and, well, this project was THE ONE.

I decided to use my dress pattern. Except, since this is a shirt, I drastically shortened the skirt, so now it's a pretty peplum top!

I decided not to do the darts on the front, which I kinda regret, but also kinda don't regret...

But over all, I really like it and am so proud of it!

Photo by Abigail Owen for Liliana Owen

Photo by Abigail for Liliana

Also I made a matching scrunchie... because why not? ;0


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Cozette on :

Wow! That is so cute! You have amazing talent! It is so incredible that you can do that! Sewing by itself is hard, let alone making clothes!

Liliana on :

Thanks Cozette! It's taken a lot of work to get to the point where I can do this sort of thing. A great help for me was Cal Patch's book Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Pattern Making Simplified. Also, tons of practice.

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