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2020 Annual Freedom Convention

TJEd offers a phenomenal online convention once a year that is entirely dedicated to freedom. It's lasts a month long... (so it ended yesterday)

This year's convention has been so amazing, so empowering. Oliver DeMille discussed many things, including the state of freedom in the USA (not so good), the scenario matrix (a very liberating way of planning ahead), how to get real news, and more.

A little bit about the scenario matrix: so with CoViD19, I was kinda terrified and worrying about the future and what it would look like and everything. Well, then I listened to the workshop on the scenario matrix, and that all changed.

But what is the scenario matrix? Basically, you make a six year, two year, and one year plan for all possible outcomes. For example, there are two possible outcomes to this whole CoViD19 pandemic: it all blows over, few people die, and everyone is better off than ever before; or, it stays, it kills way more people than it has so far, it completely crashes our economy, and it totally changes the world. For each of those possible out comes, you create a six year plan, a two year plan to help you reach your six year plan, and a one year plan to help you reach your two year plan.

When I did that, I realized that I actually liked my total disaster six year plan way more than my back-to-normal plan. That was one of the most empowering and liberating realizations ever.

The 2020 Annual Freedom Convention was definitely worth the $50 per household fee. And I'm definitely doing it again next year :-)


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