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Once Upon A Time: Chapter One

Once upon a time....

There were three adventurers. As we speak, they are currently in the middle of eating dinner.

The three of them -panda, owl, and bear- are unlikely friends. They are also unlikely heroes. I mean, they are stuffed animals. Regardless. They are friends. They are heroes. And they are the centre of this story.

Panda holds his roasting stick over the fire. On it, a marshmallow, slowly swelling and turning golden. "Tomorrow, I will seek adventure." He says this matter-of-a-factly.

"But James," the owl protests, "That's dangerous! I mean, those who go adventuring... well, sometimes they die! History doesn't lie!"

"Would you please kindly consider not mentioning history?" the bear asks. She is a queer bear, with white fur, red sparkly ears and paws. "I don't know about you guys, but it's getting... a little redundant."

"Yeah, what does history have to do with adventuring anyways?" asked the panda, James.

The owl's chest puffed up. "History has everything to do with everything!" So saying, he pumped his wings excitedly and lifted off a few feet into the air, dropping his wooden roasting stick into the fire. The mouse on the end, newly dead, started to stink as the fur caught fire.

The odd looking bear passed the owl the marshmallows as he alighted. "Be kind," she says, turning to James the panda bear.

A glow in the sky caused them to look up. It was a fierce orange, fizzing across the sky, and followed by a patch of blackness blacker than black.

"What is that," the owl asked nervously.

"Stop being such a scardy-cat, Cicero." James said.

"I'm not a cat," the owl explained with great dignity, "I'm a magnificent bird and history nerd."

The flame and black patch drew nearer.

"ABANDON POST!" screeched the owl, Cicero.

To be continued...


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