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Once Upon A Time: Chapter Two

The orange light and jet-black patch soared closer.

"ABANDON POST!" screeched Cicero the owl.

James the panda and the odd-colored bear scattered in different directions, while Cicero lifted off into the air.

The orange light, which they could now tell to be a flame, spread to their belongings.

"My marshmallows!" cried James in agony.

In the glowing light, they could clearly see what was in the sky: A dragon, blacker than black, shooting orange flame out of an open mouth. It's golden eyes glinted dangerously.

"Dragon..." the odd-colored bear trailed off. "I didn't think those things existed."

James had a sudden thought. "Hey, that's our quest!"

"What's our quest?" Cicero the owl asked.

"Killing the dragon, who is ravishing the countryside!" James said.

"Do you mean 'ravaging' the countryside?" Cicero asked, pushing imaginary glasses further onto his beak.

"Sure, sure, whatever." James waved that minor word mishap away with a black paw. "We will go save the villagers from the terrible dragon."

"We?" squeaked the odd-colored bear. "I don't know about that... I don't really like conflict."

"Pishaw." James said. "It'll be fun, a piece of cake! Besides, it always works out in the stories."

By now, Cicero was back on the ground. He touched the tips of his wings together in front of him in what he thought to be a very proffesorish way and said with great pomp, "They only write stories about winners. I mean, who wants to read about a loser?"

"What about Old Yeller?" James demanded. "That book is about a loser, if your definition of loser means they end up dead."

Somewhat flustered, Cicero wasn't sure how to respond, so he acted like he didn't hear what James had said.

The odd-colored bear yawned. "I wanna go home... I mean, our tent melted in the fire, and so did our marshmallows."

James raised an eyebrow. "Go home? Are you daft? The dragon probably burned that up too."

Cicero flapped his wings emphatically. "Nonsense, I can see it from here. Don't you go trying to scare us into some adventuring nonsense." He turned to the odd-colored bear, who was beginning to cry. "Sweety, don't cry. That James is just trying to scare you. It's fine." Then he turned back to James. "James Madison the Second, you aught to be ashamed of yourself... being named after a president of integrity and all... and now going and tricking people and lying shamelessly just to get your way..."

Sweetie (the oddly colored bear) looked up. "Our house is fine?"

Cicero nodded.

James shrugged. "But please? Adventures... treasure... awesomeness awaits!"

Cicero and Sweetie looked at each other and shrugged. "Okay..." said Sweetie, "If it doesn't take too long."

To be continued...


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