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I Hereby Dedicate Today

Let it be known unto all ends of the earth, that I, Liliana, do dedicate this day to the making of pants. The cause being, the clothing stores I like are still closed, and I only have one pair of pants that fit me, and one pair DOES NOT CUT IT.

This consists of: learning how to draft a pants pattern, fine-tuning the pants pattern, and then sewing a pair of pants.

I know that task will be difficult, but I will not quit until I have a new pair of pants that fit me perfectly hanging in my closet.


PS. Weird, right? Well, one has to commit in some way!

Update at 2:35 PM

After working on pants all day, I have finally drafted the perfect pants pattern! Squee!


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Autumn Pipes on :

I am so glad you found the perfect pants pattern! :-D You are very resourceful Liliana. I have a friend who makes all of her and her daughter's clothes and she is truly incredible, just like you!

Liliana on :

Hey Autumn! Glad to see you here! Wow, that sounds awesome! Does she have a blog I could frequent?

Autumn Pipes on :

Sadly, I don't think she does. But I'm so glad you do. It's awesome being able to peek in on your life. :-)

Liliana on :

Aw, drat. :-(

Liam Owen on :

pants 👖

Liam Owen on :

Also hi. :-)

Liliana on :

Hey Liam! Great to see you here!

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