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Once Upon A Time: Chapter Three

"First," said Cicero, "We need a plan."

"Plan: chase dragon. Kill dragon. Get famous." James replied. "Let's go!"

Sweetie looked at Cicero, who shrugged.

James ran off, and Sweetie and Cicero followed him. As he ran, he spoke: "The dragon went that way." He pointed in the general direction the dragon had left.

"James, we shouldn't be running around in the dark." Sweetie helpfully pointed out after he tripped on a root and fell.

James got up. "We do it now."

"We do it tomorrow." Sweetie said adamantly.

James growled, then said, "But then how will we find the dragon?"

"Well, how many caves are there?" Cicero asked. "Only... nine. We can check all of them. Oh, and five of them are right next to each other. And, well, dragons live in caves, so if we check all of them, we will find it sooner or later. Besides, if we're going to kill the dragon, we're going to need more than our paws or wings. We sleep, we buy swords, we check all the caves, we kill the dragon."

Reluctant to be persuaded by that voice of reason, James scowled, then nodded.

"Unfortunately, we don't have a tent." Sweetie said. "It melted in the flames, remember? 'Cause it's made of pollee-ster?"

"Polyester." Cicero corrected.

"No problemo," James said. "We can sleep under the trees."

Sweetie looked reluctantly around.

Suddenly, there was a scurrying noise.

To be continued...


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