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Once Upon A Time: Chapter Four

Suddenly, there was a scurrying noise.

The three companions whipped around. What was that noise? Cicero pumped his wings nervously, but stayed on the ground. Sweetie wrung her hands. James felt around his waist for a sheathed sword, but found none. "Dang it, I knew I shoulda worn by hero costume today!" he said hoarsely.

There was a thump and some sticks broke. The scurrying noise was gone now, but it was replaced by the soft calculated steps of a larger animal.

"I think..." said Cicero, "Something just became dinner."

"Quite." whispered James.

"Are we next?" Sweetie half-whispered, tears creeping down her white cheeks.

"SHUT UP!" yelled James anxiously. "YOU'LL GIVE AWAY OUR LOCATION!"

The softly menacing steps came closed, and a fox stepped out from under a tree, his yellow eyes glowing dangerously, a mouse in his jaw.

"Can we go home yet?" Sweetie asked.

James shook his head as the three travellers backed away.

"ABANDON POST!" screamed Cicero, lifting into the air.

"STOP!" the tenor voice of the fox boomed through the night. His paws were on the mouse, which was now on the ground.

Cicero pumped his wings in vain, but was drawn towards the earth at the same time as James and Sweetie involuntarily took a step towards the fox.

"I am the wizard of the forest," he proclaimed. As he spoke, his eyes glowed more fiercely and turned green, then blue, than purple, then red, than back to the original yellow.

To be continued...


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