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Once Upon A Time: Chapter Six

"You're not going to eat us?" Sweetie squeaked.

"Oh, not yet." the fox replied, his golden eyes glowing in the candle light.

Not yet? How reassuring the three travellers thought, though none of them said it aloud.

"But, we're on a quest!" James protested. "It can end in the lion's den."

"The lion's den?" the fox raised it's eyebrows. "This is far from a lion's den. It is a magician's lair, a fox's home, a place of comfort, practicality, and pranks." He seated himself at the table. "Come, eat."

Sweetie and Cicero looked warily at each other and James declared, "Well I'm famished!"

"Hi, Famished." Cicero whispered under his breath.

But the three travellers sat down at the table. No sooner than they did, the fox asked, "So, about this quest?"

"We're going to go kill the dragon." James volunteered.

"He burned our marshmallows and melted our polyester tent." Sweetie complained.

"I wasn't scared of him." Cicero bragged proudly.

"Yes, you were!" James and Sweetie said at the same time.

"A dragon..." the fox stared into the distance. "How interesting. What a quaint little quest you have assigned yourselves." He grinned mischievously. "Whelp, good luck on your utterly hopeless quest. Tata." So saying, he snapped his claws, and he and his extraordinary lair vanished into thin air.

To be continued...


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