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A New Way To Read: Part Two: Lessons From Otulissa

It's already been a week of doing this! And yes, I started Project Otulissa before I started my blog.

I've learned some really cool things! I've read three books in the fifteen book series so far (no, I'm not going in order): The Burning (book 6); The Rescue (book 3); and The Siege (book 4).

Here is what I've learned:

~Stand up for what is right; do it precisely and powerfully and you'll make an impact.
~Book learning isn't everything.
~Your value is about you, not the family you're born into.
~Know that we can learn and have fun at the same time.
~Know that you can learn from other people, even those with "less intelligence."
~Dare to stand up for truth.
~Do what you know is right despite your fears.
~We have to acknowledge reality - that life is more than books, simulations, and study - before we can really live up to our full potential.
~After you read something, you need to discuss it.

Wow, lots of good stuff!

So here is what I plan to do based on these lessons:

~Discuss what I read (blog posts like this one are a part of discussion).
~Spend less time in books, or, in other words, try harder to find the balance between life and academic stuff.
~Learn from anyone and everyone.

So yeah, this week has been great! I'm already preparing to check out my next three books (#2; #7; #8) for this next week's reading. And also... you should read this series, Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. It has amazing lessons on leadership, duty, mentors, freedom, and mission.


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