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What Is Freedom?

A lot of people are somewhat confused as to what freedom means exactly. They are so caught up in the details of application in bureaucratic nations that they forget what it means.

Freedom can be defined as your right to do anything with your private property (this includes mind and body, as well as the things your own) as long as it does not hurt other people.

In fact, the only reason government is ever created by the people, is to protect their right to use their personal property without hurting others, and to make sure that other people/nations won't use their private property to hurt them.

For example, take the freedom of speech. I am free to speak as I please, as long as it does not hurt someone else. I cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theatre (unless there really was a fire) because there might be a stampede and someone could be killed. I can not use words to inspire people to murder, and so forth.

As another example, take the right to keep and bear arms. I may own and use a gun; the only thing is I can't go kill people with it, threaten people with it, or hurt people with it.

Freedom is really very simple, and it comes down to eleven words: freedom is the ability to use personal property without hurting others.


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