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What Is Socialism?

Socialism -
That idea is getting more and more popular all the time. Perhaps one of the greatest proofs of this is how far Bernie Sanders got in the process of become an 'official' candidate for United States president. Or how people think that health care is a 'right.'

So what is socialism exactly? The popular definition is taking from the rich and giving to the poor. But that just the add for socialism.

When one tries to explain the pitfalls of how socialism won't work, it hasn't worked, and it never will work, people usually respond that it'll work "this time," or that it was just flawed execution. But that is not true. The execution is not flawed; it's the theory that is flawed.

Stripped down to it's most basic theology, socialism is the abolition of private ownership. And, as I briefly discussed in my post What Is Freedom?, private ownership is not just about your stuff, but about your body, your mind, your rights.

Allow me to further explain. In socialism, private ownership does not exist. Everything is owned by the government to use as they see fit. Sometimes this means giving to the poor (or rather, letting the poor borrow what ever it is until the government finds a better use for it); often times, this means usage by the government officials.

So say you own a really nice car. It was made just last year, has less than 1000 miles on it, incredibly gas efficient, all around great car. And then say that somehow, this nation that you live in becomes socialist. Well, that car isn't yours anymore. You're just 'borrowing' it until a government official comes along and says otherwise. Well, let's say that a government official comes along and says otherwise. And since he/she represents the government, they can do whatever they want with it. And let's say they decide they should get it, since their job involves driving around lots and their car stinks. Well, then that government official gets your car (of course, since this is socialism, they are only 'borrowing' it). But then say the President of your nation spots your car, and is like, "Wow, that is one great car! I think I need that!" Well, the president gets it, since the president is a higher ranking official than the one who originally took 'your' car. But the president only gets your car until a higher ranking government official comes along...

That is socialism, stripped down to it's barest theology. And it's not pretty. I mean, that was a very nice car!

But let's talk about some more aspects. Your car is a thing; and you own it. But you have private ownership over your body as well. And in socialism, private ownership isn't a thing. So the government can take your body-essentially, you- and do whatever it pleases with it. Medical experiments. Slave labour. Breeding an 'Aryan' (or whatever race your socialist government prefers) race.

What about your home? Or belongings? What about your freedom? Your education? Your lively hood? What about, if and when you are a parent, the ownership of parental rights?

Socialism is not about taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It's about the abolition of private ownership. And once you get down to that root, socialism is not pretty. It's downright disgusting.


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